Green Consumption绿色消费概念


Green Consumption

  1. 绿色消费的概念在中国日渐流行

  2. 中国推行绿色消费还存在许多困难

  3. 如何解决这个问题



  Green Consumption

  The conception of green consumption has gradually become popular in China. More and more green foods are making their appearance on the market and more and more people are becoming conscious of environmental protection.

  However, there still exist quite a few difficulties in the further promotion of green consumption. On the one hand, many people are still not quite clear of the advantages of green foods. On the other hand, due to high profits, many fake green foods are found in the market. Moreover, many consumers don’t want to pay extra money for green foods.

  There may be several ways to solve these problems. Firstly, the government should supervise the good quality strictly to protect consumers’ interests. Secondly, the conception of green consumption should be further promoted and emphasized. Thirdly, the government should work together with manufacturers to make the price more reasonable.


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