Staying Healthy 保持健康


Staying Healthy


Staying Healthy  保持健康


本次图画作文的主题是“Staying Healthy”,与广东人民版六年级上册Unit 3 Staying Healthy主题一致。你们是如何保持健康的呢?从哪些方面保持健康呢?书本给我们提供了一些思路,大家要积累下来哦:

饮食:1. eat plenty of/enough healthy food(fruit,vegetables);don't eat too much junk food(candy;chocolate)

        2. drink lots of water; drink milk every day; never drink cola不喝可乐(It's bad for teeth.)

        3. have breakfast on time按时吃早餐

好处:They are good for our body./They can make us strong and healthy

运动:1. get plenty of exercise/do plenty of sports做大量的运动

        2. play sports with friends和朋友多锻炼(可以例举具体的运动:play basketball/go jogging...)

好处:Exercising is important.运动很重要。

卫生:1.Take a shower often.经常洗澡

        2. wash your hands before eating.吃东西前洗手。

作息:1.go to bed early and get up early早睡早起

        2.You need 8 hours of sleep a night.你一晚需要8小时的睡眠。

        3. Don't go to bed late.别晚睡/Don't stay up late.别熬夜。

爱好:1. I like to play computer games sometimes, but I don't play every day.我有时喜欢玩电子游戏,但是我不会每天都玩。

         2.I like to read before bedtime. But, I don't read in bed.我喜欢睡前读书,但是我不会在床上读书。

Healthy life is important for us. How to keep healthy?

First, we should eat lots of vegetables and fruit. They're good for our health. Exercising is important too. We should do exercise every day. Healthy habits are very important.

We should go to bed early and get up early. As for living habits, we should keep our room clean. Throw trash in the bin and don't spit everywhere. At last, we should keep happy every day.Let's have a healthy life together.

It's important for us to stay healthy.

But how to stay healthy? Here are some ways. First, we should eat plenty of vegetables and fruit. They can give us a lot of vitamin.

Secondly, we should do exercise three times a week. It can make me strong and relaxed.

Thirdly, going to bed early and getting up early are good for our health. Fourthly, don't play cellphone every day. It's bad for our eyes. Keeping good mood and active every day can make us healthy too.

Let's stay healthy together!