A good day 我的一天


My day is very good.

I play sports at 6:00 in the morning.I like play ping pong and paly basketball.I eat breakfast at 7:00 in the morningI eat eggs apples and rice in the breakfast.At 7:30 I go to school.I get hoem at 12:30.I eat lunch at 12:50.I eat bananas and chiken in the lunch. I go to school at 13:30.I eat dinner at 19:00.Eat dinner I like eat oranges and hamburger.

I love my day.Do you like my dad?






I always get up early in the morning.I usually have my breakfast at half past six.I leave home half an hour later.I'm never late for school.There are many classes in the morning.At a quarter past twelveI have lunch.SometimesI'm not so busy in the afternoon.After school I have dinner with my family.After I finish my homework I often play some games with my family.Only then will I to relax.

Although this is a busy day but I feel full and satisfied.



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