My weekend 我的周末



I'm going to get up early and then I going t do some sports. At 7:00 am. I’m going to have a breakfast.

  At 7:30 am. I’m going to listen to the radio. At 10:00 am. I’m going to watch TV and read some books.

  At 11:00, I’m going to cook the lunch and eat lunch. I’m going to have a short sleep, because I’m every tried.

  On Saturday afternoon. I’m going to buy some clothes and food with my mother. She is very kind.

  I’m going to watch TV and go bed in evening. On Sunday morning, I’m going to visit my grandparents with my friends.

  I’m going to have a picnic at park. Finish, I’m going to revise for my test.



Hi,boys and girls,Do you want to know my last weekend? Let me tell you.

  On Saturday morning,I got up at 10:00,Then I ate breakfast,I did my homework.In the afternoon,I had to go to school to study.

  In the evering,I watched TV and played with my little dog. It’s white and lovely.

  On Sunday morning, I got up early and went to the school to study. After school, I helped my mother to do housework, She was happy.

  In the afternoon, I played a ball with my friends and washed my clothes. At night, I went to bed at 9:00.

  This is my last weekend.what a busy one!


I had a busy weekend.On Saturday morning,I cleaned my room.It was tired,but my room very clean.

  In the afternoon,I play sports with my mother.In the evening,I did my homework.On Sunday morning,I went to the library.

  I read a book about Chinese.I like went to the library.On sunday afternoon,I went to the farm to helped the farmers pick apples.

  Then I went to the home. In the evening.I went to the supermarket with my mother.It was interesting.

  I really love this weekend.I hope every weekend happy.


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