【#英语资源# 摘要】五一劳动节,其实与我们每个人息息相关,因为我们每一个人都有可能成为一名光荣的劳动者。以下是:作文地带为大家精心整理的内容,欢迎大家阅读


  This is the most unforgettable day for me - "May Day". I had a good time that day! Because my parents took me to the children's Park.

  When I got to the children's Park, I was even more excited. I'm thinking about what to play! After buying tickets, the first thing I played was water bowling. As soon as I entered the ball, there was peace around me. There was no sound unless you shouted loudly. The staff pushed me and the ball into the water. Suddenly, my whole body didn't feel very hot, but it was still cool! It seems that an air conditioner is on. This game is to exercise your climbing ability. I climbed in the ball and fell from time to time. After a while, steam evaporated from it. Now, I'm in trouble! There is steam in it. It's slippery when climbing. I always fall. When the time came, the staff immediately brought the "ball" and "let me out...".

  The second one is' canyon rafting '. It's exciting! But this ticket is also very expensive: 50 yuan per person. My mother and I sat on it and the boat started. OK, let's start! It's just under the bridge. The water is flowing fast. All the people on the "ship" shouted at the same time. After crossing the bridge, the "boat" was stumbling and bumped into the stone wall. The water grew old and high and ran into the "boat". When I got to the turning corner, I was even more frightened. The "ship" almost turned over. Now I was so frightened that I didn't know what to do. "It's finally over!" I said to myself. Now, I'm relieved.

  "Ah! It's half past four. Let's hurry home!" I said. Finally, I reluctantly bid farewell to the children's Park. This time, although I only played two games, I am also satisfied. I hope I can come here next time and finish all the games!


  Labor creates a better life, labor obtains fruitful results, and labor brings happiness. It's may day again. I also take practical actions to celebrate this meaningful festival.

  That morning, my parents pulled me out of bed early. I was sleepy and said listlessly, "why?" Mother hurriedly packed up her things and said, "Feifei, mom and dad are going to work overtime. Just stay at home." Sleepiness was interrupted, so I had to get up. When I got up, I saw a mess at home, a mess on the ground and dust on the ground. It occurred to me that no one has cleaned the house for such a long time. Why don't I have a big cleaning.

  Work! I roughly cleaned up the messy books and clothes, wiped the dust on the table, and emptied the garbage in the trash can, ready to start mopping the floor. I filled a large bucket of water, picked up the mop and dipped some water into the bucket to drag the dust away. I dragged hard, and in the twinkling of an eye I was sweating, but I dragged it back and forth, and there were still footprints around. It turned out that where I dragged it, the dirty shoes would step on it. It had to wait until the year of the monkey to clean it? I lost myself in thought: what can I do? You can't fly and drag, can you? Ah, yes! I can clean my shoes and light my feet to mop them.

  After a while, my feet were so sore that I thought: is there no other way? I thought for a long time and couldn't think of any way. I sighed and said, "I thought it was the easiest way to mop the floor. Alas, it seems that I can only work hard for a while. I dragged it desperately for more than half an hour, and finally cleaned it, and the ground suddenly looked new. But I was out of breath and sweating. I sat on the sofa to rest, and then I found that I hadn't had breakfast and was hungry.

  This cleaning, I understand: labor is a seemingly simple thing, but it is not easy to do well. No wonder the old saying goes: go down the river to know the depth, taste the pear to know the sour and sweet. Watching myself clean the tidy room with my own hands, I feel happy. Although labor is hard, those who love labor are the most glorious!


  Today is labor day. My mother took me to the street. Along the way, it was sunny in spring outside. Everywhere was green and the flowers were particularly bright. I walked all the way. There are endless streams of people and vehicles on the street. Various shops display various preferential signs, and people rush to buy them.

  Our whole family came to Daxing supermarket together. The door of Daxing supermarket is filled with all kinds of cosmetics. There is a 20% discount sign in front. There are a lot of people shopping. As soon as I entered the door, many children took the elevator there, and I also took the elevator. I stood on a grid and the elevator automatically sent me up. I went down and up and played and played.

  When I was tired of playing, I sat down in the next chair. When I saw a child eating hamburgers, I asked my father to buy them for me. A hamburger is made of two pieces of bread with a piece of chicken, a little cucumber and cream. Take a sip and it tastes great.

  My mother told me the origin of May Day, which made me understand that may day is hard won: it is the result of the unity and struggle of the proletariat and working people all over the world. We should cherish today's happy life, not play, but study hard.

  What an unforgettable and happy day it is today.


  I usually spend may day with my family. This year's may day, a little guest from his hometown, named XXX, was just five years old. He was a very naughty and lovely little boy. For the first time, I worked as a small tour guide for him for X days as the host. Although I was busy and hard, we all felt happy and full.

  The first day of the holiday was sunny and sunny. Grandpa took me and my little brother to today's destination - XX science and Technology Museum. The little brother saw so many strange exhibits for the first time. He looked left and right excitedly, and kept asking "why". I volunteered to be a temporary commentator and answered him carefully. When we watch the global screen movies, he dances with excitement. I followed my mother's example and answered his "100000 whys" one by one.

  In fact, I am determined to be a knowledgeable little brother. I am not determined to be a knowledgeable little brother.

  The next morning, we came to XX amusement park. It was a sea of people! I played many games with my little brother happily, including super swing, crazy bus, Ollie water war, rotating nine headed bird and so on.

  To tell you the truth, I dare not play many thrilling projects, but when I think I am a big sister, I suddenly become much bolder and braver. In addition, I also learned to take care of others. My little brother has to drink water, go to the bathroom and eat. I have been patiently with him. At this time, I suddenly thought of my dear mother. When I was a child, my mother took care of me so carefully.

  Today is the last day of my little brother's family in XX. My mother and I carefully bought delicious XX specialties for them: XX roast duck and XX dessert. At noon, we reluctantly sent off our little brother's family.

  I had a very happy holiday. I was a tour guide for guests for the first time and learned to take care of others. It was a happy and different may day!


  Labor Day is coming soon. I originally planned to play with my mother at this time, but my mother said there were a lot of housework waiting to be done, so I had to give up. Bored, I suddenly had an idea. Why don't I help my mother with the housework! Do what you say.

  I secretly drew a basin of water, took a rag and came to my parents' room. First of all, tidy up the clothes here, put the small sundries in the cabinet in order, and choose a prominent seat for the photo album. After almost done, soak the towel, wring it dry, and wipe the floor, cabinet and computer table of the room. Finally, I'll fold the quilt and dry it. Wow, I didn't even think that I could create such a beautiful room through labor, which was very warm in my heart. With a sense of pride, I repeated the above actions to clean my room. Ha ha ~ really, I don't know if I don't do it. I'll be surprised if I do it.

  In fact, if you really work, you won't feel so upset, but you will get a lot of insights in your work. If you complain like this, please think about your parents. My mother does so much housework every day, and my father goes out early and returns late. Aren't they more tired!

  Look at those model workers. Do they get anything from their work? No, they think that labor is very happy and happy. They think that only the results of their own labor are the most beautiful!

  I realized the hardships of labor on May Day. Labor is Guan Rong's. students, you can also help your parents do something during the May Day holiday! You know, they do these things every day for 365 days.


  With the warm spring breeze and the warm sunshine, the annual May Day has come quietly. You must be keen to enjoy life. You can't stand it! So why not take advantage of this relaxing holiday to relax outside? I believe that the beautiful atmosphere of May day will leave a deep impression on you!

  Speaking of the characteristics of May Day, it is those dazzling commodities on the streets! There are all kinds of household appliances. They are really exquisite! Many famous big stores have put out attractive advertisements such as "May Day holiday reward" and "holiday commodity sale", so as to attract the attention of consumers. Small stalls are not willing to fall behind. In terms of ostentation, small stalls can't compare with big stores, but the price of goods can be cheaper! Therefore, many small stalls have advertised "buy one, add one" and "sell at a low price". Although they sell some miscellaneous small objects, they are very beautiful. With this alone, those small commodities have been favored by tourists. Coupled with the affordable price, it is the reason why ordinary small stalls can last forever at the festival.

  In addition to the different types of goods, there are also all kinds of people involved in business. There are migrant workers from other places, local fixed businesses, college students,... This fully proves that people's awareness of fine business and business philosophy are gradually improving. Looking at the crowded crowd on the street, I found that more people bought than sold. Among them, there are smart housewives, old people over 50 years old, fashionable and avant-garde urban youth, and naive and lively children... Look, people carefully select the goods they like and pick up one from time to time to ask the merchant for the price.

  May 1st - a lively day! As if the beautiful flowers are blooming for today, as if the warm spring breeze is blowing for today, as if the colorful flag fluttering in the wind is floating for today... Everything on the earth seems to have been agreed in advance, and we gather together on May 1!

  Look at the crowded square, which is full of festive atmosphere! People are smiling and elated. They use smiles to celebrate the working people's own festivals.


  This year's may day, I had a very happy time, because I did a lot of meaningful things. Now let's take a look at what meaningful things I have done!

  On this day of May Day, we went to grandma's house. As soon as we entered the door, we found grandma and grandpa waiting for us inside the door. As soon as I saw grandma and grandpa, I ran excitedly and hugged grandma. Grandma said happily: "Haoran, why didn't you tell me to come and ask me to prepare." I'm sorry. Grandpa also said, "Haoran, if you want to say, I'll buy you steamed bread with black rice!" I blushed again and said, "it's OK not to eat. Anyway, I can eat if I don't eat. As long as I have something to do." Grandpa said, "I really have something to do!" I was so excited that I gave grandpa a hug.

  Grandpa told me: there's a lot of grass in the vegetable field. After dinner, I went there to work. Well, I nodded and looked very happy.

  After half an hour, we went to work in the field. I went up and pulled out a grass, which scared me to death. A bug smaller than the mouse jumped out and scared me to death. I hurried to other places to pull out the grass. I pulled it for a while and had a rest. Unexpectedly, something like a small bottle appeared in front of me. I looked close and scared me to death. I ran away again

  Finally, we are reluctant to leave. I am so happy this may day!


  Labor Day is coming. Our school has a seven-day holiday. My friends and I are very happy.

  On the first day of the holiday, brother Yu was so naughty that it rained cats and dogs. I had to hide at home and didn't dare to come out.

  On the second day of the holiday, father-in-law sun came out, with bright sunshine and flowers in full bloom. My parents and I agreed to go to the children's Park and go to guazhu paste to see the beautiful scenery.

  When I walked into the children's Park, I saw the children playing with bumper cars, rotating chairs, swinging, playing hide and seek, and taking a plane... In the morning, I played in the children's Park and felt really happy and happy.

  In the afternoon, my family went to guazhu lake. I saw that the water in the lake was very clear. I really wanted to jump down and have a taste.

  On my way home, I saw beautiful roses planted by the roadside. I really want to pick them. However, the teacher taught us not to pick flowers, but to love flowers and trees. I took my hand back when I thought about it. Because I am a good student!

  When I got home, I told Grandma about the fun of the day. Grandma smiled happily, as if Grandma had played with us.


  The peach blossoms, green fields and golden rape flowers all over the mountain can't see the edge. Farmers, you exchanged your strong arms for our delicious food, and you watered our bodies with sweat.

  The splash of steel flowers, the roar of machine tools, and the original mark can't be seen on high-rise buildings. Workers, you drag our life with your solid arms. You use that solid work to facilitate our convenience. When you sit in a car and enjoy personal mobile space, when you sit in a bus and enjoy the benefits of the public, when you sit in a long-distance ship and enjoy the natural and unrestrained journey, when you fly into the blue sky and make the world smaller, do you know the beauty of labor.

  When you walk into a hotel, a shop or a busy business district, do you know that the service is hard and you still stand on your legs for a whole day.

  When you enter the school, you can see the flash of knowledge, you can hear the communication between books and people, you can smell the sweat of teachers, and knowledge becomes labor, which is more great.

  When you integrate everything into society, everything around you is given by ordinary labor.

  Life is so beautiful, mankind is so progressive, everything comes from our hard work and ordinary work, and work is so silent.

  Labor creates history and labor creates the future. On the occasion of the new May 1 International Labor Day, let's praise the most beautiful labor.


  "May Day" is not so special, but the meaning of spring is very deep. Now people think that labor day is just a holiday enjoyment, but they don't realize that it is a power train to encourage people to move forward.

  The meaning of "Labor Day" is that those who can not enjoy the labor day can really take advantage of it; As far as students are concerned, they are excited every time they hear about the holiday. They are excited to think that they can go shopping with their friends. These don't seem to be our due "style" as students. Indeed, holidays are used to relax, but everything should have a degree, rather than endless absorption. Maybe for students, "Labor Day" is really ordinary and can't be ordinary anymore, but have you ever thought that we can do a lot of things on labor day, "you can help work when you go home", go to the suburbs to tidy up the saplings and do what you can do at school... These are all labor, Ordinary, but it reflects the real existence of labor day. Why not? Labor Day is the embodiment of labor. In this way, we should really understand its connotation, let it shine under the development of our teenagers, and let the perceptual world know that it still exists. Labor should move, shouldn't it?

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