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  Animals Are Our Friends

  I like all kinds of animals, such as birds, monkeys, pandas, and tigers. I think they are our friends. We can't live in the world without them.

  Animals are part of nature. They can't be seperated from us. If we want to live happily, we must keep the balance of nature. We should love nature and animals, and stop doing harm to them.


  My first friend, a cute little rabbit. It wears a gray coat and a white necklace around its neck. Like my lizard, it has a beauty mole on its head.

  There are two black gemstones embedded in its eye sockets. If it hides and plays hide and seek with me, I can find it in ten seconds, because its eyes will glow in both bright and dark places, so I can easily find it.

  Its ears don't stand up and droop like other rabbits. If you see it, you can't help feeling its ears.

  It has a small nose, just like a small inverted triangle. My nose moves up and down when I breathe. It's very cute.

  Its mouth is a pink "t" word, and there is a circle of white hair under it. The beard grows on both sides of the mouth. When breathing and chewing food, it trembles slightly with the action of the mouth.

  I often hold it and put it on the grass. Don't think it will run on the grass. It always lies lazily on the ground, basking in the sun and eating grass. What a lazy fellow! I walked over quietly. It would raise its head vigilantly. Its small ears were really sensitive. Maybe I was afraid that I would catch it. The short front leg took a step forward, and the back leg kicked hard and jumped out half a meter. Seeing that I was not close, he lay on grass again, squinted his eyes and fell asleep. Its sleeping appearance is also so lovely, like a cloud falling on the grass.

  I watched it quietly. I wish I could be with my friend forever!


  My grandparents have a golden retriever. Every time I go to my grandparents' house, I have a lot of fun with golden retriever.

  The golden hair is too big. In the sunlight, the fur is cash yellow. It was as smooth as silk, and it was like a majestic general wearing a golden armor. Two big black and bright eyes were bright. When it runs, its ears are like fans. Every time I go to play with it, it always warmly waves its hairy tail to welcome me, as if it were an old friend who has been reunited after a long separation. Golden hair's gait is elegant and arrogant. It seems to be a leisurely and graceful gentleman. Moreover, it has a gentle disposition and touches it every time. Always keep your head down quietly and enjoy the caress to your heart's content.

  Sometimes, golden fur shows the heroic nature of a hound. Once I threw a small ball out with all my strength. It rushed out like an arrow off the string and jumped violently, just like a lightning bolt. It caught the ball steadily with its mouth, shook its head, shook its tail and ran to me triumphantly to look at me, as if to say: "do you think my skills are excellent?" Jinmao also has a unique skill: eating ham sausage. I broke the ham sausage into small pieces and threw it away. Jin Mao sat there with his mouth, as if he were a mature, sophisticated and versatile acrobat.

  Through consulting the data, I also know that golden retrievers can also be used as a guide for blind people after training. They can lead blind people to walk safely. When they encounter obstacles and need to turn, they will guide their owners to stop to avoid danger. Dogs are our most faithful friends.


  My favorite little animal is my teddy dog. Its name is Xiaobai. It is very cute.

  Xiaobai is covered with snow-white hair, just like wearing a small white cotton padded jacket. Two black eyes, like two black gemstones, turn round and round. When it opens its big mouth, it will reveal two rows of white teeth, shining like diamonds. Its claws are pointed, and it is very powerful to start running. The most characteristic is its black nose, which is very sensitive.

  Xiaobai likes eating meat very much. Every time she eats meat, she always holds the bowl with her front paw, for fear that others will steal it if she is not careful. It is even more naughty when sleeping at night. I like to drag my big woolen shoes into my own nest and enjoy sleeping on them. I have to look for them for most of the day.

  Once, I took Xiaobai to play in the square. I threw up the dog food and let him catch it by himself. Unexpectedly, stupid Xiaobai jumped up to pick up the dog food, but fell down and screamed. At this time, it hid in the corner and ignored me. This cute little white has a big temper!

  When children buy dogs in the future, remember to buy Teddy!


  My animal friend is my little dog. His name is Tian Tian. He is a male dog. This dog is different from other dogs I keep. I brought Tian Tian back to my hometown before the Spring Festival. Tian Tian is my neighbor's dog. When I saw her, I liked her very much. She also liked me very much. Wherever I went, she followed me. When her owner saw that I liked her so much, he asked me to take her to Zhengzhou, I am very happy!

  Tian Tian was not used to coming to Zhengzhou with me. She didn't know the people here or the streets here. I decided to let Tian Tian get familiar with the life here as soon as possible, so I took it to my usual place to play every day, introduced it to my friends and relatives, and took it to the park. I ran in front, and Tian Tian ran after me As long as I am where sweet has a sense of security, it plays very happy, I am also very happy!

  Tiantian is a little teddy. She is one year old. She has zongzi colored hair, big black eyes, short tail and curly hair. Unlike other dogs, she scares others when they see people barking. My sweet is quiet and obedient. She usually doesn't like barking unless she is bullied. Dogs are good friends of human beings. I hope you don't bully her!


  My family has a big turtle named Xinzai. A pair of small round eyes, like a bead as big as a grain of rice, are embedded in the forehead. A mouth is not big, but it eats a lot. Its body is wrapped in a hard shell, just like a mighty soldier wearing thick and hard armor.

  Once it made me laugh. It accidentally fell on all fours. Because its limbs were short, its four legs kept kicking around. As a result, it still failed to turn itself over. I watched and laughed so much that my stomach hurt. I turned the guy right and he looked at me. I think he must be thanking me!

  After that flip, after our close contact, it saw me and was no longer afraid of me. Don't shrink into a ball... It gradually became a good friend with me. I would tell it what was on my mind. I love my turtle.


  Some people like kittens, some like cockerels, some like white geese, and some like rabbits. My favorite animal friend is a dog.

  Its name is Zhuzhu. Its whole body is snow-white, its ears are brown, its nose is black, and its eyes are black like black gemstones. It is very cute.

  Zhuzhu is a lovely puppy. When I am sad or unhappy, I will become very happy when I see it. When I get up, I can always see him sitting beside the bed, sticking out his tongue and looking at me. When I was at school, he would squat at the door to see me off. When I came home from school, he met me at the door. When I do my homework, I will occasionally hold it on my lap and touch its head from time to time. At this time, it will stretch out its tongue to lick my face and rub my body intimately. Once, when I was concentrating on my homework, Zhu Zhu came and moved around, and I said to him: good, I do my homework. I will play with you later. When he heard this, he bit my pants and asked me to play with him. This made me very angry, so I shouted: I said, I do my homework, and I don't have time to play with you! After hearing this, Zhu Zhu left dejected. I finished my homework and went to find it. I found Zhu Zhu waiting for me at the door. Zhuzhu and I came to the garden at the gate of our house. There were many flowers there. Zhu Zhu and I played hide and seek. I found it after looking for it for a long time. In the evening, when we were about to have dinner, I went home with Zhu Zhu.

  Zhu Zhu will help us look after the house when my mother and I are not at home. It is very loyal, has a keen sense of smell, and is also very considerate. When I am unhappy, it will use various methods to make me happy.

  I like Zhu Zhu very much, because it is cute and considerate.


  I tell you, there is a small animal in my family, it! Cute! It has a pair of long ears, a pair of fiery red eyes hidden in the fluff, just like two rubies. Under the small head is a fat little body, which feels very comfortable! The mouth hidden under its nose is also very special. It turns out to be a three piece mouth. It moves around when eating. It's really impressive! The four short legs are also very cute. However, what I like most is its short tail, just like the pompon on the Christmas hat. However, although its legs are short and its tail is short, it runs very fast! Well, after so much introduction, can you guess which animal it is? you 're right! Is the lovely rabbit!

  Our little rabbit was a birthday present from my mother when I celebrated my birthday last year. I love it! Because I like the cute little rabbit, my mother asked the boss if the rabbit would grow up when I bought it. The boss said no with great certainty. Unexpectedly, as time went by, the size of the little rabbit soared, which was five times larger than before. Turned into a fat rabbit. People who have seen it are impressed by its round shape! It is said that the little rabbit likes to eat carrots and vegetables most. However, our little rabbit is different. It only likes to eat a kind of rabbit food bought by its mother. Alas! What a strange little rabbit. This little rabbit has been with me for more than a year. It has brought me a lot of joy. Occasionally, it also makes me angry and sad. But it is because of this that I have more feelings for it. Sometimes, I feel that life without it is like something missing. Now I find that I really can't live without this impressive rabbit!


  I have a very cute chinchilla. Its name is Lele. Lele is pure white without any hair. Its hair is swollen, making people feel round and fat. It has a small head, a long tail, and black eyes like two black beads. And it looks like a rabbit in the front and a mouse in the back. It's very cute!

  Lele lives in a two-story villa. The first floor is covered with a layer of hay, on which there is a treadmill; The second floor is the hammock and cabin. When he first entered the cage, he was very excited. It climbed directly onto the hammock. When it came down, it wanted to jump off the hammock with its vigorous skills. Unexpectedly, it fell off the hammock and fell directly from the second floor to the first floor. I was so nervous that I looked at it. Fortunately, maybe it was too much fat and didn't hurt.

  Another time, I took Lele out of the cage, put it on the treadmill and clicked the start button. When the treadmill started running, Lele ran desperately. Maybe he was too fat. After a few steps, he rolled off the treadmill like a ball and fell on all fours. Thanks to a layer of soft hay, it didn't hurt. So it got up again, jumped on the treadmill and ran frantically. Now, Lele gets up and runs on time every morning! Just last time, Lele jumped up and down the stairs leading to the second floor, but accidentally bumped into the wooden board of the wooden house and rolled down the stairs. I nervously took it out and put it back after making sure it was all right.

  I sometimes put his favorite nuts in front of the cage, so that he can only lick them with his tongue, but can't eat them. It looked at me eagerly, and I was very happy because it wanted to eat and couldn't eat. But in the end, I let it eat the food smoothly.

  Lele is so cute. It is my animal friend.


  I had to go out for a while, so I had to entrust my tilapia, Xiao Fei, to my neighbor. Unexpectedly, he suddenly agreed.

  It is very easy to recognize it from the tilapia school. Black tailed goldfish are very common, but black tailed tilapia are not common. Xiao Fei has a strange black spot on her tail. I don't know how she got it.

  When it came to the aquarium, I exclaimed, "what a proud fish!" Indeed, in those days, Xiaofei just swam slowly in a corner of the fish tank, just looking at me and my family coldly. It didn't even look at the fish food I put in. However, people are iron and rice is steel. How can we not eat? The same is true of fish.

  In those days, Xiao Fei was sickly and looked like she was dying. Although I was in such a hurry, there was nothing I could do.

  I think Xiao Fei is so proud and cold. Is it because she has no partners? So I bought three small ornamental fish, chose one and put it into the fish tank. Then I held my breath and watched the change.

  Xiao Fei was sick at first. As soon as he saw the fish, he was full of energy. As soon as he waved his tail, he swam towards the fish. Xiaoyu runs away in a hurry, but Xiaofei follows slowly. Suddenly, Xiao Fei dashed and caught the fish's tail. Then, just like we ate noodles, the fish was sucked into her mouth and couldn't be found. Xiao Fei gracefully drew a circle with his black tail, as if to ask me, "is there anything else? Is there anything else?" I smiled, patted the fish tank and said, "you greedy fish..." then I put both small fish in the tank. Sure enough, within ten seconds, they were all swallowed by Xiao Fei.

  Is Xiao Fei fierce and cute? No wonder the neighbor agreed to take care of it for a while!

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