Summer vacation, my mother and I came to the beautiful coastal city - Dalian.

  When we came to Dalian, we took the big bus of travel agency. Under the guidance of the guide, we came to visit the "sea world of Saint Asia". I heard that there are more than 300 kinds of marine fish in the museum. I've long wanted to open my eyes.

  Came to the aquarium, in the light, there is a glass box, there are many fish. You see, the coral fish looks like a butterfly, big, small, long, short, thin and puffy. There are all kinds of coral fish.

  We came to another big glass box. There are six big sharks in there. A pair of small eyes, a terrible mouth, a sharp tooth, a long tail, and sharp fins on the back, it is frightening to see.

  This is not the point. My favorite is the 100 meter long glass tunnel. It's a glass tunnel with more than 200 kinds of fish. People stand on the elevator of the tunnel and walk slowly, and all kinds of fish swim around the top of their heads. The fish are passing around in groups among the corals. It's very beautiful. Some are covered with colorful stripes; Some head with a cluster of red cherry; Some of them seem to have a lot of fans on them, and they are floating when they swim.

  Finally, my mother and I left the Polar Museum reluctantly.

  Children, my summer vacation is so happy, to see the heart spent!


  Time is fleeting, as we all know. In the twinkling of an eye, the summer vacation has passed most of the time. It's quite interesting to recall, because in the days before that, there were some little things that I didn't notice, reflecting the face of society.

  1、 Deep into the spirit of dedication

Summer, it's rainy. And our "dilapidated" community, every rainy season, the community is always accumulated with water, but every time I travel after the rain, there is no water. What's going on? Finally, after another rain, my answer arrived.

  At that time, the rain had stopped. Soon, I heard a familiar sound of opening the door. At the same time, it was accompanied by the sound of countless branches across the ground. Judging from the sound, the person who went out seemed to be walking out of the door with heavy objects. In less than a minute, I heard the sound of "close contact" between the broom and the ground.

  All of a sudden, I came to realize that the smooth roads of other residents in the past were thanks to this neighbor! He used to clean the road in the morning, and we still enjoy the "deserved enjoyment!

  ——What makes me learn to do a good job without leaving a name in the real sense is just a humble idea in the neighbor's heart and a matter facilitated by his body.

  2、 Understanding and understanding

  In the street, walking a fashionable girl, the atmosphere of wide leg pants lining in her long legs, elegant hair flying in the back of her head, "advanced" Sunglasses hanging in the ear, small earphone plug in the ear, a pair of high cold queen style, let people see how much some uncomfortable. However, it is such a "invincible" person, even with a full human dog! Moreover, what's more surprising is that the girl is holding a shovel which is not suitable for her dress!

  Just as I was surprised, the dog she was holding actually pulled a lump of poop! And impartial, just in front of a thriving barber shop! This is even more surprising. What makes me even more distressed is the owner of this store. She is very tired and has to clean up the mess of others, otherwise it will endanger her own business!

  The shopkeeper was just resting on the chair. Seeing this, her tired face frowned instantly. However, there was some helplessness and blame in her expression. Then, she sighed, moistened her dry lips, and tried to support herself on the chair with her hands. As she was about to succeed, she caught a glimpse of the scene outside the door, However, she suddenly released her holding hand and sat down on the chair, her eyes full of tears. From her clear "pool", this picture was reflected

  In fact, the young girl didn't leave after the dog finished pulling the poop. Instead, she waved the small shovel in her hand, shoveled the poop, and then sent it into the garbage can·

  As a matter of fact, one's own random action can reflect one's inner self-cultivation and make one moved······

  Although these two things are small, they are also big - they reflect the actions of the whole city, that is to say, the society of the island is full of humanity and love!


  Since watching the children channel "I love summer camp", my heart has sprouted the idea of going to the camp. Finally, my wish has come true! Because Mr. Huang recommended me to attend the summer camp, this can make me happy.

  In the summer camp, which lasted for four days, I realized that the most profound thing I learned was the national defense education of our classmates by the uncles and aunts of the Ministry of martial arts. In my study, I learned that our national defense is: a military activity carried out by the state in order to prevent and resist aggression, to stop armed subversion, to safeguard the sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and security of the country, as well as to the political, economic, diplomatic, scientific and technological education related to military affairs. We also watched revolutionary war films such as "two small eight roads", "South March to the north", "red children", "mine war", etc., which not only inspired me, but also let me know that if the Red Army soldiers threw their heads and sprinkled blood, we would not have our happiness and happiness, and we would not sit in the classroom to read!

 I still remember my mother told me the story of the long march of the Red Army 25000 miles. They were hungry, hungry and long-distance, and they insisted on the end. That spirit of perseverance, hard work, was always sung in people's hearts.

  The military training in the summer camp is the most tiring for us, and there is also iron discipline. On the day of military training, the sun was on the air. We are in a neat line, holding our heads up, holding our chests, waiting for the instructor's order. The instructor is very strict. He did not allow us to move, not to speak, to look around, to make a wrong action and to report, students were not "ah" a sound. The training began, he taught us a lot of movements, including a little rest, determination, cross row, etc. He did it very seriously, and we looked very carefully. At noon, the sun scorched the earth mercilessly, sweat came down our faces and our clothes were wet. But we still practice standing still and starting, just like a Red Army soldier. At this time, I realized how hard it was to be a soldier, and they should practice it every day, no matter how windy and rainy.

  In this summer camp, Liuying memorial hall, Shanxi revolutionary education base, is our best place to go. The teacher led us up the steps, through Wyoming gate, to the memorial hall. I saw Comrade Liu Ying standing in the garden, his bright eyes facing up to the front, smiling, as if he had just won the war. In the museum, there are many cultural relics and pictures arranged in order for us to visit. I stopped in front of a picture that recorded how the enemy used torture to force Communists to take the norm. Tigers torture them from the bench, buttock lighting, and ten finger contact torture. But they bear the pain and refuse to say the secrets of the Communist Party. How great it is! But some people in front of this torture fear death, said secrets, become a traitor slave, how shameful!

  This summer camp has brought us profound educational significance, and once again I remember the great achievements of revolutionary martyrs, and I have learned a lot from it. We live in this happy and peaceful era, we should study hard and grow up to serve our motherland!


  There are many interesting things in my summer vacation, and the interesting things in summer vacation are like spray after spray, which will be treasured in my memory forever. Remember a holiday at noon, the sun baked the earth.

  Look! Cicada and other animals are crying feebly: "dead hot, dead hot..." the flowers are also sighing, it seems to wither, grass bent down, almost scorched by the hot sun, dejected cry: "thirsty, thirsty"! There was a heat wave in the air, and people were almost out of breath. But this afternoon, our family held a total of interesting family magic competition. First of all, my father came out, he performed a magic called "China blizzard". I saw my father first took out a folding fan, and then opened it. He still recited the words "heavenly spirit, earthly spirit" in his mouth. In fact, it was just a decoration. Below, I saw my father holding a fan, began to fan up, I saw the colorful pieces of paper flying out of the air.

  Just as I was thinking about how Dad's magic changed, mom began to perform. My mother took a pencil and a red cloth and began to perform. I saw my mother put the pencil under the red cloth. After putting it away, she was also reciting. After a while, a pencil came out of the red cloth. Originally, this magic is called "wear pencil".

  Finally, I give mom and dad a score of 9. 5, mom 9, Dad won. Good times are always short. Unconsciously, we have spent an afternoon in this lively and amazing time. Throw all the sultry weather out of the way. At the moment, our family are immersed in this joyful atmosphere!

  Time flies, summer vacation is coming to an end, but some interesting things are always hard to forget, will be deeply imprinted in my mind!


  "Mom, watch me dive..." eh, where does the sound come from? It turned out that my dream had come true and I was showing my swimming style with pride.

  This summer vacation, I came to Caiyuan swimming pool happily to learn how to swim. It's a piece of cake for me to hold my breath. If I hold my breath, I can float on the water for a while. Then I began to seriously study breathing, deep breathing, carefully bury my head in the water, spit bubbles like a small fish, then lift my head out of the water, open my mouth to breathe in, then bury my head in the water to spit bubbles, and practice over and over again. Coach Xu patiently and meticulously taught me the hand and kick movements. He stretched his hands together, drew a circle to his armpit, and then drew back from his chest. I modestly practiced in accordance with the order of "retracting, turning, kicking, and clamping". I tried to imitate the frog's hind legs. I saw Qingshui split by me, leaving two long waves. The coach tied an inflatable belt on my waist and took my hands to lead me to swim in deep water. As soon as he let go, I was as timid as a mouse. I was afraid that I would sink down and dare not swim. It was like a vented ball and a crab dancing in the water. At this time, the coach said gently: "don't lose heart, overcome tension, everything is difficult at the beginning, failure is the mother of success." I secretly determined: do not give up halfway, adhere to the victory. After the coach's encouragement and careful guidance, coupled with my 15 days of persistence, repeated practice, "Kung Fu is worthy of those who want to", I finally learned to swim. I can swim freely in the water like a happy fish, like a frog in the water, like a petrel flying in the sky.

  "As long as you work hard, you can grind an iron pestle into a needle!" I'm the best at swimming. I've got a new skill I am happy to sing, laughter reverberated in every corner of the pool for a long time.


  It's getting hotter and hotter, and the pace of summer vacation is approaching. How I long to have a happy summer vacation full of freedom! So, my heart will quietly play a small abacus

  First of all, I want to get rid of the big boss in the summer vacation - summer homework! Because as long as there is it, the whole summer vacation will be like spent in prison! So, according to the lessons of the previous three summers, I decided to compress them into a period of 16 days that was full of pain!

  Of course, every parent who wants his son to become a dragon and his daughter to become a phoenix will surely let the children go to cram school, whether you like it or not. Well, at least ten days. At most, it depends on the situation. I also hope to eliminate it!

  To say, these are all unpleasant things. If there is a little episode in the middle, such as swimming or eating ice cream, it can be regarded as a good adjustment.

  However, because my birthday is spent in the summer vacation, so I'm going to have a party and have a big liberation! Buy a big birthday cake is a must, please some very good friends, and then crazy play, until tired down so far

  When all the busy things are over, the rest is playing! My mother is going to take me to an English summer camp. Every day there are many colorful activities, such as swimming, parachute jumping, jungle jumping, cycling and so on.

  Of course, this holiday, I also want to learn from my grandparents and learn how to cook all kinds of delicious dishes. I also need to learn how to cook noodles. In this way, I won't have to go out and "forage" when my parents are away!

  This summer vacation, the more you think about it, the more beautiful it is. Do you admire me? Ha ha, let's plan together!


  One day in this summer vacation, my mother solemnly said to me, "child, prevention of drowning is a major safety issue for your students during their holidays. For the sake of safety, you should learn how to swim. I signed up for a training class for you. Let's go and experience it! " I can't help shivering when I hear the word "swimming". Thought: no! I'm a "dry duck", in case I fall into the water... Although I don't want to, my mother still takes me to the swimming pool in a hurry.

  With everything ready, I walked slowly to the pool in my swimsuit. Looking around carefully, the environment in the pool was very clean. There were many adults and children playing in the pool, with laughter. The water in front of me is clear and there are waves rippling away from time to time

  I unknowingly came to the entrance of the pool, holding the railing tightly in both hands and walking down the ladder step by step. Just touched the water, a cool then hit, I scared legs are soft. All of a sudden, a black figure like an arrow quickly swam, only to see the black figure suddenly raised his head, seriously said to me: "in the future, I will be your male coach!" It turned out to be the coach. He was dark, tall, and severe. I can't help getting nervous again for fear that if I don't study well, I will be criticized by the coach. But the way the coach swam just now is really like a fish in the water. It's really enviable.

  The first class soon began, just listen to the coach shouting: "now start learning to hold your breath, first take a deep breath, and then drill your head into the water, exhale!" While talking, he demonstrated to us that there were many small bubbles in the water from time to time. After a while, the coach looked up and said, "OK, now you practice freely. Don't be lazy. I'll check it." Finally, it's our turn to "show our skills". I'm so excited that I dance. I bury my head in the water like a coach and spit bubbles under the water. Strings of bubbles are like pearls, beautiful; In the blink of an eye, it broke up. Immersed in the bubble, I suddenly felt a little bit difficult to breathe and uncomfortable, so I had to look up and return to the water.

  Later, I calmly passed the "suffocation" of this pass, but also got the praise of the coach, not to mention how happy I was, and my face was full of happy brilliance. Before the tension like the winter swallow, disappeared without a trace. The next training, I will try to learn more swimming skills, can not be proud of a small success!


  One day in the summer vacation, mom and Dad took my brother and I to the zoo.

  When we got to the zoo, my mother went to buy tickets first, and then we walked from the entrance to the main square. At this time, what we saw was the most dazzling ethnic show, the wonderful wa Dance Tour. It was very beautiful.

  Then we went to see the giraffe. My mother also bought leaves for my brother and me to eat! After watching the giraffe, we went to see the white tiger, white lion, Siberian tiger, ostrich and so on... Really interesting! Finally, we went to see the sea lion performance, the sea lion is really powerful: can turn the ball, can jump hula hoop, can also spin diving in the air

  The animals in the zoo are so smart and lovely. This trip is really interesting!

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