大学英语作文:My Idea of Family Planning-我对家庭计划的理念


Family planning is the most effective way to solve the population problem the seriousness of which is often underestimated by us. Quite obviously family planning has so far made little proGREss here on this island. At a time when half of the world is suffering from starvation poor health and a deplorably low standard of living we simply cannot take lightly the population problem if we don't control the birth rate right now we’ll surely lead a miserable life in the near future. Illiteracy is perhaps the main enemy of family planning. Countries, which share the highest birth rate such as Brazil and India, are also those which share the highest illiteracy rate. People there don't even know what is  "birth control." To me, the ignorance of family planning is a social problem. So we had better begin with social reforms through, say, legislation, etc. of course, we cannot deny the necessity of the medical approach and we should use it in conjunction with other methods. The answer to the question whether man can survive the three crises of the 20th century, namely, totalitarianism, population and pollution, is in our hands.


Overpopulation is a serious problem in many less developed countries for it brings about unemployment food shortage and retarded economic growth. Taiwan is one of the most densely populated areas in the world Although its teeming population didn't hamper the economic development in the past three decades it led to cramped living space congested traffic and cutthroat competition in college entrance exams besides our labor-intensive products are losing ground in international competition So family planning seems all the more important to us in Taiwan As we know the goal of the family planning introduced by our government is two children or less for each married couple. My idea of attaining this goal is to impose a heavy tax on families which have more than two children from a prescribed date onwards.


According to some sociologists the most serious problem in the twenty first century will be the population problem because the excess people will create a lot more problems than governments can handle. First the overpopulation will lead to the food problem Food will not be enough to feed people and the scramble for food will lead to conflicts and wars Second the educational problem will also rise because of the student boom If there are too many students in a class (maybe over seventy or eighty) the teacher will find it difficult to give individual attention to them and devise effective teaching methods. If a child cannot be properly educated at home or school, he is likely to go astray, keep sliding into sin and bring a host of problems to society. The population problem should thus never be overlooked and the first step we should take in solving it is to push ahead steadily with family planning.


Not until I became a high-schooler did I begin to know the importance of family planning.  It hap merely because his large yet impoverished family could no longer afford his large yet impoverished family could no longer afford his schooling. Though a little sad over what had happened to my friend, I was thus awakened to the importance of family planning. Even how, I am still a zealous champion of this program. As I see it, family planning can do us a world of good.  First of all, it can reduce the expenditure and at the same time increase the happiness of the family. Through family planning, instead of spending most of their time making money to keep a large family going, the parents, less troubled by economic problems, can devote themselves to the care and upbringing of their children and prepare them for their future careers. Moreover, the harmonious atmosphere created by family planning will make family members feel secure and thrice blessed. Second, family planning can help children become more mature, both mentally and physically. Once the children growing up in a small family begin to receive education, they will know how to better behave themselves and do well in school. Finally, stronger and more prosperous. There is no denying the fact that the population problem is getting more and more serious in Taiwan where the population this state of affairs continues without any remedial measures to fight it, some day the fruit of our economic growth will all be lost as a result of the ever-rising birth rate.


If wish to achieve another economic miracle, we must promote family planning as best we can; otherwise, many social problems and crimes of violence would continue to plague our society. The following is my idea of family planning. First; we must urge our health authorities to find ways to instruct our compatriots in birth control and let them understand the benefit of family planning. Second, we must develop effective contraceptives suited for our people. As we know, birth rates in the West are lower than ours and that is because the Westerners' birth control techniques are much more advanced and have little side effects and they like to use them. Third, we must urge our government to establish laws governing family planning and penalize those who break any of such laws.  These laws, however, should not be draconian and the steps taken to enforce them must be gradual as we are not in a totalitarian Communist state.


Family planning, which can be roughly defined as a way to prevent any undue population increase, is actually one of the various population policies. As Mal thus saw it, population always increases faster than food production and if this tendency remains unchecked the world starvation, disease, crime and a host of other disasters. Of course nobody would like to see the coming of such a day. The population of Taiwan, considering the land area of the island, is disproportionately large. Although we boast of an impressive GNP as a result of our economic achievement, the populousness is still a potential crisis for our society. So it is important that we push ahead with our family planning program to lower the birth rate or encourage people to emigrate. Family planning is also good for the family itself. In s small family the parents can take better of their children and have more money set aside for the education of them. We must therefore accept the idea of family planning if we hope to enjoy a higher standard of living.


As statistically reported by the United Nations the world population is ever on the increase and the population density of Taiwan is second only to that of the Netherlands. The pressure of population is felt everywhere on this island particularly in the street of a big city where the snarled traffic is a common sight The Chinese family tradition that sees the production of many offspring as a sort of bliss is obviously the root of all the trouble we have had. Blinded by this tradition many people simply fail to see the seriousness of such problem as health food production and educational opportunities or the seriousness of such social ills as juvenile delinquency broken families and divorce. Our government is however keenly aware of such serious problems and has therefore gone all lengths to promote family planning The purpose is to control the population in terms of both quantity and quality Frankly speaking to create a stable and prosperous society is the ultimate goal of family planning All in all we should subscribe to this program.


To give birth to children and raise them was difficult in the past and this was largely the result of the inadequate medical knowledge and equally inadequate medical facilities in those days. Clearly it was because of this difficulty that families of former times tended to play it safe, producing a lot of offspring so as to guard against any possible loss. Of course, such a thing occurs more frequently in an agricultural society than in an Industrialized one as in an agricultural society extended families are the fashion. Times change. Most of us live now in an industrialized society where overpopulation is seen oftener as a bane than as a boon, and that is also why family planning is now all the rage, particularly in populous countries. Family planning not only can stem the population growth, but can also provide the needed information for those who want to start a family. To make their lives happier and more harmonious, couples should subscribe to this kind of planning, avoiding unnecessary births of putting a limit on the number of their children, as it is, family planning is meant not only to practice birth control, but also to plan childbirth. as it is, family planning is meant not only to practice birth control, but also to plan childbirth. The following is what I think we should do in regard to the promotion of family planning: 1) disseminate information on family planning and persuade people to scrap the traditional thinking that a boy is better than a girl and that having no heir is a shame: 2) regard population problems and the way to build a happy family as apart of the educational course: 3) positively strive for support from government officials and leaders of a consortium: 4) put continuous emphasis on the need to tie up the oviduct or the vas deferens for either sex. In a word, family planning rests with every citizen, not merely with a few persons.

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